Cupping: origins and benefits on the immune system


Cupping has been around for many generations. It has history, at least dating back from 2000 years ago, from the ancient societies of Greece, Egypt, and most well-known, China. It has many names: hijama, vendouzes, schröpfen.

The picture on the left shows the lymphatic system. This system includes the lymph, lymph vessels, lymph nodes and the organs that work closely with the first three mentioned: the spleen, tonsils, adenoids and thymus. The lymphatic system is closely linked to our immune system. One of its main functions is to “maintain balance in the volume of bodily fluids”.

It aids our blood vessels to transport vitamins and nutrients throughout the body. Ever wondered why the lymph nodes around your throat get swollen when you catch the common cold? That’s because within these vessels and nodes lie our inner soldiers: the white blood cells!

The lymphatic system basically is our body’s first line of defense when intruders such as viruses and bacteria enter our body. (For our body nerds out there: In fact, two types of the five white blood cells types, T and B cells (lymphocytes), are produced in the lymph nodes and spleen, and T cells are produced and mature in the thymus gland.)

Donna Padua, RMT

Dr. Althea Man, Chiropractor

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