Domenica Fanelli, Admin


Hi, my name is Domenica Fanelli. Not only am I honoured to be a part of this great team at Compass Health, I am also studying to be a healthcare professional myself. I am a student at Queen's University pursuing my Master's in Occupational Therapy (OT), but on the weekends and during my holiday breaks, you can find me at the clinic helping the team help you in your wellness journey. I have always had a passion towards helping others in the healthcare system, and I would love to apply that to OT. I have an on-going interest in seeing how music comes to be a rehabilitative art which I hope to apply to my treatment plans as I become an OT. My most memorable experience and project has been helping to assist a choir for individuals with Parkinson's Disease and hearing impairments. In my 4th year of study, I conducted an Undergraduate Thesis that looked at emotion in music in an older adult population with hearing impairments and hearing aids. I am thankful to be learning and training as an OT to become a healthcare professional myself and to apply my passion in helping others, just as the team does here at Compass Health. There are many different pathways to helping others, and here at Compass Health, whether it's from massage to chiropracitc to naturopathy to administration, we promise that our passions for helping others will help you to "navigate your wellness journey" from entrance until the next time.

I look forward to meeting you when you come in and hope to see you soon!

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