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Dr. Erin TeWinkel, ND


Hi! I’m Dr. Erin TeWinkel, ND – or as I like to refer to myself, the Teen Wellness Warrior!

I believe that if teens are supported in their health early on, the stage for success can really be set. I’m here as a mentor to really help empower the teen throughout the many ups and downs of adolescence. Teens have an immense unharnessed potential – I want to help ensure the potential shines.

Hormonal struggles, acne, painful periods, anxieties, dieting – all of these can be addressed with a tailored plan to each teen.

When we build the proper foundation of health then they will own their health for the rest of their life.

I believe that health comes from inside out. By putting all aspects of your health into consideration, focusing on your needs to obtain optimal health, and creating a complete picture of your whole system, I create a plan of action that is tailored to you. The result is targeted treatment plans based on each individual’s needs and designed to uncover and address the root cause – A Warrior Wellness Plan!

 I'm excited to be your Teen Wellness Warrior.

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